Palmers Counselling Practice

We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening of this very special kind is one of the most potent forces for change that I know

– Carl Rogers Psychologist

We’re delighted you have arrived here, where you will find support when you require it most to bring clarity and harmony into your life.
Our mission is to help others thrive, to make sense of your life experiences and current issues.
Palmers can find the best way for you, to provide the life you require by working together.
It can be different.
Life can be better.
Are you ready to start your journey?
Helping you to take the first step in a calm, safe and trusting space.
To understand WHY we do things… WHY we think and believe the way we do…

Emotional Clarity …

Exploring to gain an insight into your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and patterns to encourage self-awareness and personal growth.
Improved Coping Skills …
Giving you practical tools and coping strategies so you navigate stress, anxiety and life’s challenges more effectively.

Enhanced Communication …

Providing a platform to help develop communication skills to promote healthier relationships within yourself and others.
Personal Growth …
Supporting you in your individual journey of self-discovery and developing awareness of your ability to grow.

What to expect from counselling

Welcome… Life can sometimes feel pretty heavy and finding a way through can be difficult. Not knowing which way to go and what to do can bring a feeling of being “stuck”.

Palmers help individuals and young people aged 14 and above, with a diverse range of issues either in person and/or online counselling for short or long term therapy.

Our passion and commitment is to support clients who feel they need guidance for their mental fitness. Sometimes you need someone to “sit in the mud with you” and offer support by listening (Simon Sinek). Understanding “why” we do things provides us with direction and a sense of purpose, enabling us to make decisions with intention.By applying theory to the specific problem we are able to provide clients with useful tools and coping strategies that they may use to develop changes to enable personal growth.

We use an individual tailored “Integrative Therapy” it is an adaptable approach, which customises the therapy to meet the unique needs and circumstances for each person. Various approaches are used depending on the needs of the clients these are Person-Centred (PCT), Psychodynamic Therapy (PDT), and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Palmers holds professional qualifications in Psychodynamic Therapy and Hypnotherapy with experience in working in different environments such as Cruse Bereavement, secondary school and private practice. Palmers’ therapist is an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society and adheres to their Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. Learn more by reading some of the questions and answers section.

Are you feeling stuck or unfulfilled? We can assist you in reshaping your goals in order to live a more meaningful life.

Initial Consultation

It requires a readiness to trust the process, to be transparent, and to share personal experiences. To help you take this step Palmers offer a free complimentary, friendly, and confidential telephone call, which provides the opportunity to ask questions and start the conversation to what has led you to seek support. Or perhaps you would like to book your first session. Whichever is best, Palmers is able to help.


Therapy may start following an initial consultation or perhaps you would like to make your first appointment straight away, which ever is best for you. The duration of a therapy journey, will vary for each person. Typically appointments are scheduled weekly for the first 6 sessions to provide consistency and time to reflect on the discussed areas between each appointment. Some clients may feel they require shorter term or open ended therapy, which we can discuss at the first appointment.

What happens next?

To discuss your concerns, book your initial consultation or first appointment get in touch.

It involves listening and building a therapeutic relationship

Collaboration is important for success.
We’ll discuss your goals and work together to get you there.